Unlike many other edibles, Yetibles are not sugar-coated and contain no artificial ingredients.

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Delta-8 THC Gummies

Yetibles Delta-8 THC gummies are every bit as delicious as they are effective. This product, as all our products, is held to the same standards required by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division -- the only difference is we switch the active ingredient from cannabis extracted Delta-9 THC to hemp extracted Delta-8 THC. 

25mg - 50mg - 100mg
Each bag contains 10 pieces.
Black Cherry Bomb - Blue Raspberry - Tangerine  
Lemon-Lime - Grape - Peachin' - Strawberry 
Stromegranate - Sour Watermelon - Raspberry
Banana Cream - Mountain Melon - Horchata
Peanut Butter - Saturday Morning Pancakes